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Our Commercial Services

Today it’s not enough to have the right information. No matter what type of business you have, big or small, how you present that information is vital to your continued success. From the boardroom, meeting room, hospitality and entertainment or retail space, Vick Audio Video, LLC offers a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.

Our affordable, professional, installations work within any budget. Just as we create the perfect environment, creating a dynamic environment in the workplace is a phone call away. We provide the impact needed to close your next deal.

Voice and
Data Solutions

Vick Audio Video, LLC provides structured cabling installation services for businesses to integrate all their network and communication requirements into a complete manageable solution. From new construction to retrofits, Vick Audio Video, LLC can provide voice and data solutions for any size project or budget.

Our voice and data solutions include:

  • Structured cabling design and cable management solutions
  • Network cabling for data and voice networks including CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6a
  • Wireless LAN installations
  • Telehone Systems, Small Business Bundles, Internet Access, VoIP Solutions
  • Coax cabline for CCTV

Let Vick Audio Video LLC. handle all you voice and data needs.
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Our professionals offer a range of conference room solutions from audio and video installation, voice and data solutions, TV and Projector installation, wireless and internet solutions, lighting control solutions and many other options for your conference, board room and offices to make your meetings run as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. No matter what your business needs may be, Vick Audio Video, LLC will find solutions that will take your next meeting to the next level.

Audio and
Video Installation

Vick Audio Video, LLC offers a wide range of commercial audio and video installation capabilities including sound equipment and fully integrated sound systems, video system installation for flat screen panels and projectors, satellite dish systems, specialized electronic applications and complete meeting room and boardroom audio and visual systems. We work in a variety of commercial settings including entertainment venues, places of worship, retail and office complexes.

Commercial Video
Whether your business requires one screen or twenty screens, Vick Audio Video, LLC can can provide you with an effective yet simple to use system. Choose from a wide selection of flat panel HDTVs, or projectors and wall screens to meet your needs.

Commercial Audio
The ability to listen to audio from any source in any room or space, that is what distributed audio is all about. Whether it is an iPad, satellite radio, AM/FM radio or a music server all of these devices can be accessed from any room that is part of the system. Access is simple; a wall mounted keypad allows the user to select a source and set the volume from anywhere.

Whatever your commercial needs may be, Vick Audio Video, LLC has a solution. Contact Vick Audio Video, LLC for a free consultation today.

Lighting and
Energy Management

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, artificial lighting is the largest energy consumer in the workplace, absorbing a whopping 44% of electricity used in commercial buildings. Saving money where and when you can is easy with Vick Audio Video, LLC. Vick Audio Video, LLC offers We offer automated lighting control solutions that will help you save money, increase your bottom line, and conserve energy as well.

Vick Audio Video, LLC’s commercial lighting solutions is more than energy management. Let’s face it, we all forget to turn off the lights at home and in the workplace. With the touch of a button you can turn off all the lights, dim the lights for a meeting or presentation, or perhaps automate lights to turn off or on upon entering the room. We can also install automated black out shades and blinds for your office, boardroom and anywhere you like. Our automated blinds by QMOTION are not only aesthetically pleasing but conserve energy as well.

Vick Audio Video, LLC offers automated lighting control solutions. We’ll even train you on how to use the control panels and how to use your iPhone, iPad or other smart device to control your system whether you are remote or on site. Call Vick Audio Video, LLC today and let us evaluate your lighting and energy management needs. How’s that for being in the green?

Video Camera Systems

A self-monitoring video and recording system offers a multitude of benefits. At Vick Audio Video, LLC we offer the most advanced systems available. Our systems under “Eagle Eye Networks” records with triple redundancy and full encryption both on-site and in the cloud. Our systems allow for full remote monitoring and system control from any web enabled device including PC’s, IOS and Android platforms. Vick Audio Video, LLC’s highly experienced professionals can assess your needs and provide that peace of mind you deserve.

  • Analyzing and defending Workmen’s Compensation claims
  • Defending “Slip and Fall” claims both externally and internally
  • Control of shoplifting as a deterrent as well as supporting evidence for police
  • Control of internal theft of goods and cash
  • Monitoring of productivity, customer service, training and performance evaluations
  • Evidence related to robberies