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Imagine the possibilities. When you stop and think about it for a moment, audio and video provide a back-drop to many of the scenes in our daily lives. Watching that “big” game, sharing home movies, family movie night in your own home theater, listening to music or playing virtual tennis matches with the kids, audio and video provides unlimited enjoyment and entertainment.

The professionals at VickAV provide residential services including home theater systems, audio and video distribution, smart home automation, control and lighting and home security. Anything else you can imagine, they can probably help you find away. Give VickAV a call and turn those possibilities into a reality.

Home Theater Systems

There is nothing like watching in the comfort of your own home theater. Experience movies the way they were meant to be seen and heard in the comfort of your own home. Cheer on your favorite team with family and friends or enjoy watching a concert from the best seats in the house. The professionals at Vick Audio Video, LLC can provide the custom viewing experience you always dreamed of in the comfort of your own home.

Choosing the perfect components to create that custom home theater experience begins with an initial consultation. Our professionals offer a wide range of services to make your dream become a reality through design, installation and management of the complete project. 

Vick Audio Video

Additionally, if you are building a new home or remodeling an existing home we will work closely with your builder or designer throughout the lifecycle of the project.

We can take any room in your home and transform it into a specially designed media room or home theater. We believe in providing affordable solutions to give you the room of your dreams. Our home theater or media room designs feature special acoustics, large screens, drapery or shades, lighting control and easy to use panels and remotes. We can eliminate all the clutter often found in a home theater by discreetly concealing electronic components in a cabinet. Speakers can be flush mounted into the walls and ceilings. Flat screen TV’s can be framed with artwork, for example, that scrolls up and down with an automated remote system.

Contact Vick Audio Video, LLC today and let our highly qualified team make recommendations on your entire home theater system, customized exclusively for you.

Smart Home Automation

Your home customized at the touch of the button. Smart home automation systems can integrate lighting control, entertainment systems, climate control, window shades and drapery, pool and spa systems, security systems and communications all in one, easy to use wall-mounted or handheld touch panel. Imagine the possibilities. Lighting schemes set to perfection, climate control, your sprinkler system, all automated with the touch of a button… Have you ever gone out of town and had that nagging feeling that perhaps you left the lights on, or forgot to set the alarm, or left the garage door open? Ever been at work and needed to let someone in your home but don’t want to divulge your alarm code? You can even use your iPhone, iPad or Android phone to control these features remotely. If only everything was so easy. Vick Audio Video, LLC has the expertise to make such smart home automation a reality for you.

Vick Audio Video

Lighting Control
Whether you are building a new home or updating an existing home, we design solutions for single rooms or the whole house. You can control multiple lights in multiple rooms and never worry if you left the lights on again. With the touch of a button you can control the lighting in your home thus conserving energy, providing convenience and creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Climate Control
Most homes are already using digital thermostats but with home automation you can take it to the next level. Controlling your home’s climate provides more comfort as well as more energy conservation.

Self-Monitored Video Systems
A video system can be in installed as a standalone system or integrated with your home automation system. As an “Eagle Eye” Certified Vendor, we offer the most advanced video systems available. This system is cloud based, allows self-remote monitoring, geo fencing and has world class encryption.

Want to know who is knocking on your front door? The extra peace of mind and convenience and monitoring your home internally as well as remotely is invaluable. Vick Audio Video, LLC’s highly experienced professionals can assess your home and discuss your specific needs and provide you with that peace of mind you deserve.

Audio Distribution

Whole house audio distribution allows many different rooms of the house to access the same centralized audio source. Whether it is an iPod, satellite radio, AM/FM radio or a music server, all of these devices can be accessed from any room that is part of the system. Imagine music playing throughout the house during a party. Taking that a step further, different sources can be accessed in different rooms at the same time. The radio can be playing in the den while the iPod is playing on the patio, while Pandora is playing in the Master bedroom, etc.

Vick Audio Video

Control can be a simple push button keypad that allows volume control and source selection. Or it can be more sophisticated with a display that shows the playlists on the iPod and which radio station is selected.

Our experienced professionals at Vick Audio Video, LLC create systems that will allow you to enjoy your music, your way from any room of the house.

Residential Video Cameras

Having a video camera system in and around the home can add a strong sense of well being and act as a deterrent to bad actors. There are a variety of system types from analog to digital IP systems from dome to bullet type cameras with and without infra red night vision. Live video can be seen on a monitor, your TV or remotely on web-based devices as well as IOS and Android. Imagine being able to monitor your home on your iPad from anywhere in the world. Video can be locally stored on premise or on the cloud or both. Cloud storage provides world class encryption with triple redundancy. With cloud storage your home video camera system can be become a robust system with many features. We can design and install an entire system or upgrade your existing system. Let a Vick Audio Video Technician provide a free consultation.

Vick Audio Video